This Day In Wrestling History – December 20th

Dec 20, 2016 - by Bill Fenbers

1993 – In the United States Wrestling Association, Jerry Lawler defeats Jeff Jarrett, to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship for the 17th time.

1995 – Exactly two years after losing the title to Lawler, Jeff Jarrett defeats Ahmed Johnson, to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship for the 2nd time.  At the same event, Miss Texas defeats Tasha Simone, to win the USWA Women’s Championship for the 12th time.

1996 – On a taping for a future episode of ECW Hardcore TV, The Eliminators (Kronus and Saturn) defeat The Gangstas (New Jack and Mustapha Saed), to win the ECW World Tag Team Championship.  The episode would air on December 31, 1996.

1999 – In the Monday Night Wars, WWF Raw Is War (5.8 TV rating) beats WCW Monday Nitro (3.2 rating).  On Nitro, Jeff Jarrett regains the United States Championship, defeating Chris Benoit in a Ladder Match.  Jarrett had lost the title to Benoit one night earlier at Starrcade.  Also on Nitro, Bret Hart vacates the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, due to controversies occurring in his title match with Goldberg at which also occurred at Starrcade.  The two would have a rematch to determine the true champion on this evening’s Nitro.  Hart would win the match, with help from Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett.  Those three, along with Hart, would reform the nWo, which had disbanded earlier in the year.  Video is below.

2003 – WWE’s inaugural Tribute to the Troops is taped in Baghdad, Iraq.  The concept was first suggested by John “Bradshaw” Layfield.  This first event, also known as Christmas in Baghdad, would be televised in the United States on Christmas Night on now-defunct UPN.  From this inaugural event thru 2010, commentary was recorded in Stamford, Connecticut rather than on-site.  The beginning of the program included Mr. McMahon taking a Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin (dressed up as Santa Claus).

2008 – On OVW TV, Outlaw retains the OVW Television Championship, defeating Tommaso.  In the main event, Anthony Bravado defeats Ryback, in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

2009 – TNA Final Resolution is held at the Impact! Zone in Orlando in front of 1,200 fans.  Tara defeats ODB, to win the Women’s Knockout Championship.  A.J. Styles defeats Daniels, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  In the Feast or Fired Match, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Rob Terry, and Sheik Abdul Bashir win the four Feast or Fired briefcases.  Nash’s briefcase reveals a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship.  Samoa Joe’s briefcase reveals a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Rob Terry gets an X Division Championship Match.  And Sheik Abdul Bashir gets the briefcase revealing that he is fired.  Full video is below.

2010 – In a Triple Threat Match on RAW, Melina defeats Alicia Fox and Eve Torres, to become #1 contender for the WWE Divas Championship.

2012 – On Impact Wrestling: Championship Thursday, Devon retains the TNA Television Championship after defeating Kurt Angle.  Tara retains the Women’s Knockout Championship after defeating Mickie James.  And Jeff Hardy defeats Austin Aries, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

2014 – On the 800th episode of OVW TV, The Fabulous Free Bodies (Big Jon and The Bodyguy) defeat TerreMex (Randy Terrez and The Mexicutioner), to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:  Former WWE/ECW manager Armando Estrada (38 years old);  founder & valet of Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) Lizzy Borden (39 years old);  3-time IWGP Tag Team Champion Junji Hirata (60 years old);  and former GHC Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion Takeshi Rikio (44 years old)

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