VICE Sports takes an inside look at everything WWE

Dec 11, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

wwe live 2016

– VICE Sports has a fantastic article on WWE and its business, titled “Breaking Kayfabe: An Inside Look At WWE’S Unlikely Business Empire.” The article details everything about WWE, from creative writing, the infighting and difference of opinions, to NXT, WrestleMania’s inflated attendance numbers, and everything in between, with quotes from former high-level employees and creative writers who endured the difficult task to work under Vince McMahon. It notes how Stephanie McMahon was never really involved in creative writing and she was just in a management role, acting as a “buffer” between Vince McMahon and his creative writers. Vince never really wanted Stephanie to be involved in creative, said one former writer, which is why the Chief Brand Officer post was created for her as he prefers to have her as a strong woman the face of the company. Another interesting tidbit was a surprise meeting that Vince called in 2012 at the WWE production office, where Shane McMahon and a friend who had a content creation company, attempted to take over WWE creative completely much to the surprise of Stephanie and Triple H. “When Stephanie found out Shane was going to be there, she went white in the face. And Paul freaked out,” the story goes, quoting an unnamed source. The article also highlights the power struggle and tension that existed between Shane and his sister Stephanie, tension that “hasn’t gone away.” It also shows the ruthlessness when it comes to treating employees – new and old – and how you’re just a cog in a big wheel and nothing else. You can read the article here.

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