Notes on Teddy Hart and Scott Putski

Dec 11, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Chris Featherstone: Former WWE, WCW, and GWF talent Scott Putski was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Putski had much to say about his time in WWE and WCW. He also shared his thoughts on Vince McMahon’s bodybuilding, why he was placed in the Light Heavyweight division and Eric Bischoff’s lack of management skills. He also said that Brock Lesnar “was a joke” in UFC.
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– Danny Warren sent in: This afternoon CWE management has to sadly report the unfortunate news that ACH will no longer be appearing on the Winnipeg and Thunder Bay stops of The New Heights Tour January 20/21. However he is still scheduled for the first 10 dates January 10th-19th as planned.

With that CWE gladly reports within almost no time at all were very quick to replace ACH on those two events with a man announced last week to a monstrous reaction for our Calgary event in the one and only Teddy Hart!

CWE has always believed in being very honest with our audience and we are truthfully disappointed this situation has occurred as fans were quite excited to see ACH in two of our two hottest markets. ACH has been booked and promoted as our tour headliner for more than a few months now but with him challenging for the AAW Championship in Illinois this month and their follow up event landing on January 20th AAW and ACH have made the decision that the January 20th date for AAW takes priority over the previous commitment.

In a shining light on the situation ACH has been beyond apologetic, understanding of the economics of the situation, and has worked with management to make it financially viable to still have him on all the first 10 dates of the tour and still make it possible to offer a star of great caliber in his place in Winnipeg and Thunder Bay and for that we thank him immensely. ACH sends his sincerest apologies to CWE and the fans in those markets who were looking forward to seeing him.

In a weird twist of how crazy and ironic the wrestling business is the one and only, World famous controversial, and believed to be crazy Teddy Hart (pictured above) was quick to jump at the opportunity to not only help save the day but do so in a way that showed he was truthfully sincere in being a team player and wanting to be on the CWE team full time moving forward.

When Teddy was announced for Calgary every other market had a responses of sadness Teddy wasn’t appearing there too so we are very excited to bring him to Winnipeg and Thunder Bay where both buildings are ensured to be standing room only and can truly appreciate the once in a life time performer that is Teddy Hart.

A huge thank you to Teddy Hart and our Calgary Director Of Marketing Spencer Tapley for help making this possible.

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