Video: X-Pac and Lilian discuss WWE’s past dress code

Nov 17, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Lilian Garcia and Sean Waltman aka X-Pac came on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and discussed WWE, Lilian’s new podcast, politics and more.

X-Pac and Lilian discuss WWE’s past dress code

Lilian: “what happened was, after a while there was the, “oh ok we’ll dress casually but nice, we’re traveling” and that kind of thing. Then the guys started coming with…cut off shorts, obnoxious comments on t-shirts and stuff and that was when Vince McMahon was like, “that’s it. You guys represent this brand of WWE, we call you superstars but you’re not dressing as a superstar.”…he said, “once you leave the house, you’re representing the brand, then through the airport, you know, anywhere you’re traveling, wherever, I want you to be dressing up nicely.” And you know the guys definitely and the girls, whatever, we were like “what??” because… we kept saying, “alright, I totally get it, and I always look nice.”…But like for the females, we dressed in high heels shoes, whatever,and we’re driving like 2,300 miles. And I drove by myself a lot…So I’m thinking holy crap, what if something happens to me on the side of the road and I’m dressed like a little, you know.”

X-Pac: “NBA players are pampered. I don’t give two shits what anyone says, they’re pampered and we are f***ing pirates. We rent our own cars, we pay for our own hotels, our own food. It’s way f***in’ different… My personal policy was to dress and look like a star when I left the house, but, you know, if I didn’t, I’ll be damned if I’m going to have somebody take my money because of it. That’s bulls**t.”

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