Anthem Sports & Entertainment issues statement on Corgan settlement

Nov 13, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

In a short statement issued on The Fight Network’s Twitter account, Anthem Sports & Entertainment said that they are “happy” things are now resolved with former TNA President Billy Corgan. “Anthem is happy with arrangements made w/ Mr. Corgan, allowing @IMPACTWRESTLING to put this behind them and focus on producing great shows,” the statement read. The way the statement is worded leads us to believe that the lawsuit that Corgan filed against TNA has been dropped as well although that has not been confirmed. Corgan loaned TNA $1.8 million but wanted a $2.7 million pay off with the premium fee he thought he was owed after Carter gave up her controlling interest to Anthem. Corgan has vowed to do a few interviews to explain what is covered in the agreement

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