Angle on wrestling on the Indy scene, Cody Rhodes leaving WWE, more

Nov 10, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE & TNA star Kurt Angle recently appeared on WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast to talk about a number of topics.

During the podcast, Austin asked him about his life on the indy scene. Angle explained that he wanted to take a break from full-time wrestling and is now getting to chance to wrestle talents on the indy scene that he might not have had the opportunity to wrestle in TNA.

Angle brought up facing Cody Rhodes a few times and how crazy the indy scene is doing these days especially overseas in the UK and Scotland. Angle noted that some events overseas are having between 4,000 and 7,000 fans in attendance, which is incredibly good. “The money is incredible, especially on an indy show,” Angle said.

He explained that he never thought he could make the kind of money is making on the indy scene but is happy about. “I really believe these companies in the UK are about to get some major steam. I think they are going to get TV deals and get bigger,” Angle said.

Rhodes decided to leave WWE earlier this year, and Angle stated that he always believed in Rhodes’ talent and that he thinks he understands the reason why Rhodes wanted to leave the company but expects that he will eventually go back there. Angle thinks that Rhodes wanted a break, and wanted to do something where he could just find himself. Angle explained that WWE wanted Rhodes doing something different with his Stardust character, but Rhodes wanted to elaborate more on the Stardust character.

Angle gave credit to WWE for putting Rhodes on TV every week, but he didn’t see Rhodes progressing in the ranks.“I don’t think they saw him where he thought he should be, and there will be a lot of people that agree with Cody on that,” Angle said. Angle sees a lot of good talent in WWE right now and thinks that their style has picked up the pace in the ring compared to what it used to be.

Angle stated that WWE needs to go back to being a little more old school because their pace is really fast. “I think that down the road if they continue to do that and pick up the pace it could eventually kill the business,” Angle said. Angle believes that WWE is giving wrestlers less time on TV, so there’s no time to tell a story in the ring but thinks that things will change in the future.

credit: THE SpOTLight

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