Chris Jericho Reacts to Reports of Backstage Fight with Sin Cara

Nov 7, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Regarding reports of a backstage WWE fight between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara over the weekend, the Twitter account of MLW Radio wrote the following:

“Hunico remains undefeated as WWE locker room refuses to accept this man as the baddest man on the planet. #Y2JKOd”

According to PWInsider, there is one report that Jericho and Sin Cara had words which led to Cara striking first and Jericho biting before the two were pulled apart. According to a report on, a source noted that Jericho was ‘basically asking to get punched.’

Jericho also posted a video on Instagram and he doesn’t appear to be sporting any marks from a fight and Jericho responded to MLW with the following

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