“Superstar” Billy Graham talks “Heat”

Oct 27, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted on Facebook:


Ah, that elusive element that has escaped the WWE landscape; But, one of my brilliant Facebook fans came up with this idea to put heat on Lesnar. What I like about this idea is that it is in fact total old school thinking that actually used to happen. The insane look on Flair’s face in the photo below is exactly the look that would end up on Vince McMahon’s face if he took the advice of Jose Guy, who said the following and I quote, ” Vince should put a plant or two
in the audience and have Brock destroy the ” fan. That would probably draw Brock some heat with the fans. ” Ha, I love it Jose, very cool idea and as I said it has actually been done in the distant past. Can anyone imagine in today’s PC era, a wrestler going out
into the crowd and dragging a fan, ( plant ) back into the ring then beat the living crap out of the guy !!!! That folks, is a good one.

I witnessed my first female working arm wrestling contest on RAW last Monday night. Now since that bit of drama got over so well Vince has added a match between these two girls ( I honestly don’t know their names ) I think one ,the one that weighs about 115 pounds is Becky something, to the Hell in a Cell PPV. I am positive that match will make the ticket sales go through the roof in Boston.

The real question that must be answered is who will the Dead Man be working against in possibly his retirement match at mania 33? If it’s his retirement match he will be the biggest baby face to ever walk
down the ramp in mania history. Goldberg probably? Surely the Dead Man WON’T lose his final match of his iconic career and I don’t see Goldberg laying down for him.

Superstar Billy Graham

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