Chyna Mother Approved By Court To Run Estate, Ex-Manager No Longer In Control

Oct 26, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


The estate of former WWE Star Chyna will no longer be run by her former manager … the mother of the recently deceased wrestler says she’s just been appointed by the court to take control.

Janet Laque sent us a statement saying, “My petition to the LA superior court to become Joanie’s estate administrator with “special letters” has been approved and gone through. YEAH!!!!!! This is a very big deal for me.”

As we previously reported, Chyna’s mother recently requested that detectives take a closer look into the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death — in particular, claims made by her former manager in the wake of her passing.

She adds, “Now I have to begin the work of getting it all together with the help of my wonderful CA attorneys and looking into what’s gone on since her death. Should be interesting!!”

Chyna’s former rep Anthony Anzaldo tells us, “I’m not at war with Chyna’s mother. She should be the executor. I was just here, merely, to help when it was asked upon me.”

source: THE SpOTlight

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