“Superstar” Billy Graham envisions John Cena winning his sixteenth world championship

Oct 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted on his Facebook page:


Hey everyone, I have been thinking about all the time and talk about John Cena winning the WWE Championship Title for the 16th time, maybe at Survivor Series next month. I didn’t want to use the word “Belt” because that word to Vince is like using the name ISIS as your new neighbor who just moved in next door. Got to be PC at all times in the WWE thanks to Vince.

When Cena (A very nice man by the way) ties Ric Flair for 16 world championship wins, there will be will be a huge celebration with balloons falling from the top of the arena, dancing girls, marching bands, and maybe even Snoop Dogg will be there to put the “Title”
around the waist of John Cena. The only problem I see with this upcoming win is, Cena will then have to lose it again and then win it back again, to BEAT the tied record times a man can be a world champion. Cena will then be WWE Champion 17 times, some fans cant even count that high.

The question I want answered by my loyal Facebook fans is this: Will the 17 time world title win bring the slumping ratings up and put more butts in seats in the ever dropping RAW and Smackdown attendance? Ludicrous, isn’t it ??

Superstar Billy Graham

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