Sheamus says Conor McGregor should join the WWE Cruiserweight Division

Oct 23, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Sheamus recently spoke with SportsKeeda to promote the upcoming WWE UK Tour in November.

During the interview, he was asked if he thinks UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor would joining WWE.

“I really don’t know. As far as I know he’s still going to be fighting for a really long time. I mean there’s a Cruiserweight Division now, so maybe McGregor can join the Cruiserweight Division. But I really don’t know…it’s really up to him. He’s obviously got a lot of charisma,I don’t know…if Vince McMahon feels that there’s an opportunity to make money he’ll be here.”

A few months ago, McGregor made a lot of negative remarks towards WWE wrestlers. Sheamus believe he did it as a publicity stunt.

“I thought it was a publicity stunt. That’s all it was. Summerslam was a day after his PPV. He’d lost a lot of steam. I said so in the tweet I sent out. He was just trying to sell tickets. That’s all it was.”

When asked if prefers working as a babyface or as a heel, Sheamus noted that he prefers working full stop and just wants to be in the ring.

“I prefer working. Full Stop. I just want to be in the ring. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as I’m having fun. I’ve been sidelined twice before, so I want to go there and have fun, tear the house down and beat the crap out of my opponent. I want to have a great successful day at the office. I just love performing. Boo me, cheer me. If people are throwing popcorn at me, if women are throwing knickers at me…doesn’t matter as long as I’m having fun.”

source: THE SpOTlight

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