Details on TNA Owing Money to U.S. Government

Oct 22, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


During a recent appearance on the Something to Wrestle podcast, former WWE and Impact Wrestling employee Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) spoke about his time working for TNA Wrestling.

On TNA owing money to the federal government:

“They did something that was really bad. I had some financial issues and they were supposed to pay back into the government and so on and so forth and they didn’t do it.

They garnished things from my check. And they were supposed to pay. TNA kept the money…. Correct. Then, the government came after me for payment.”

On how much TNA owed:

“That was about, it was only about $10,000. But still, just the arrogance. Well, it wasn’t coming to me, but the government finally got it because it was the government coming after me for the money.

I showed them proof, ‘hey, here’s where they took it.’ So I don’t know because I didn’t hear the end of it, other than the government was satisfied and it was just those kind of little, petty things that didn’t have to happen there. It made you feel kind of dirty at the end.”

source: THE SpOTLight

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