Blog: A thought on Goldberg’s return

Oct 18, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jack Lord

I responded to a friends post about all the negativity toward the return of Goldberg to the WWE, expressed mostly by those inside the business. Thought I’d share it in a post here….

When Bill got his chance, the business was still full of guys who had worked the territory system. Remember that it had only folded just a few years prior. The business was changing then. The guys who “paid their dues” were now top stars making more money than they had ever imagined, but as much as they liked the money that came with the changes, they were reluctant (defiant?) to let go of the old mentality. And then, here came Goldberg. He had money written all over him and management was smart enough to cash in. Was he ready? Maybe, maybe not, but he took the initiative and never looked back. He learned from the guys they put him with on his rise, he listened and got better and better. Did he pay his dues? Certainly not like those before him, but he put butts in seats, sold advertisers into shelling out massive money and was the single biggest draw WCW ever had (not including the NWA era when I say that). From everyone I know that knows him, all I’ve ever heard is about what a good man he is. That promo last night was from the heart and if it didn’t touch you, then you’ve forgotten that this business is built on emotion. I know it’s a work, you know it’s a work, he knows it’s a work…but the emotion from him and from the fans was real. You can’t buy that, you can’t teach that, you can only tap that when you’re at the top of your craft. Paid his dues? I’d say Goldberg has not only paid his, he has paid the dues of every person that ever believed in him. And this comes from a jaded, old veteran who is hard to impress…I’d buy a ticket to see him.

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