Smith Hart comments on the Billy Corgan/TNA Lawsuit

Oct 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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Smith Hart posted the following on Facebook:

It is starting to come out that Billy Corgan has filed a lawsuit against TNA wrestling, its parent company and the lead executives currently involved in the disastrous product. This comes only 2 months after Billy was named as President of the fledgling organization and only a week after he made the media rounds telling of his intent to purchase the organization.

Its no secret that Dixie has been the primary destructive force in TNA. It started with her backing of Vince Russo as creative rather than the wrestling minds of Jim Cornette, Dutch Mantel, Jeff Jarrett and Scott D’Amore that built the company to be on the national stage. It was followed up with allowing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to ravage the company and take it over an edge it was not capable of sustaining. And has since lead to her conflicting with all of her corporate partnerships which has taken TNA from being on Spike TV in front of 2 million homes every week to struggling on the TV Guide channel in front a few hundred thousand.

3 years ago, Jeff Jarrett with the backing of country music star Toby Keith offered to buy the company, to which the dim-witted Dixie Carter refused because she wanted to stay in charge. Now Billy Corgan, seemingly was in the same position and once again her selfish ego prevented that from happening.

For someone that supposedly got started in public relations she has created more bad will with her running and operation of professional wrestling than about any promotion in history.

Nobody wants to see TNA go out of business, but I feel everyone wants Dixie Carter to leave and go away. About the only things even remotely decent to watch over the last 2 years in TNA has been the creative directly involving Billy Corgan. The only positive publicity TNA has received aside from Final Deletion has been directly attributed to Billy and the only reason TNA didn’t go out of business in June before Slammiversary was because Billy invested his own capital into the product.

Sadly Dixie doesn’t care and is content to be selfish hurting the fans, her investors, her employees and the wrestlers and anyone who has been loyal to her over this train ride.

Currently TNA is in its dying days and without the positive will of Billy being involved and Dixie running out of money it seems only a matter of time before the company finally breathes its last breath. Not because the promotion was unsustainable, but because Dixie was too selfish to let go.

I certainly hope this doesn’t discourage Billy from being a key component to another company. I realize that Dixie has burned so many bridges within the corporate business world and the television and pay per view distribution world, that it seems unlikely any non-WWE wrestling product will ever be given the opportunities Dixie squandered ever again. But if the right pieces could be brought together I hope Billy finds his way back into the role I feel he was destined for.

Imagine perhaps a joint venture that would feature Billy Corgan and Toby Keith perhaps.

On a happier note, I would like to congratulate, the legendary Bob Dylan on his nobel prize. I have seen Bob in concert many times and I know that my brother Bret has had the privilege to break bread with him a few times. He is an inspiration to millions and one of the greatest live performers of all time. And certainly deserving of this honor

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