WWE to offer a tier-based system for the WWE Network?

Oct 8, 2016 - by staff

ROH, TNA and other promotions could end up on the #WWE Network.

WWE is doing market research regarding a tier-based system for the WWE Network. It’s not a definite but WWE is very strongly looking at a four-tiered system where there would be free access to the network.

* The free tier would include video clips (5 minutes or less per clip), the video archive, and you can only watch up to 5 hours per month. It would also include commercials and would be available on all devices. The free tier also includes the live stream but they would black out the pay-per-views, #NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic and Specials (Very YouTube like)

* The first paid tier would be $4.99/month and it would include the “Big Four” events….

NXT would not be available on the live stream but you would have access to NXT on-demand. This tier would also include limited commercials and would only be available on phones and tablets

* The $9.99 tier would be the same content that they have now with a couple of upgrades added with limited commercials and it would be available on ALL devices. It would also include new weekly episodes of the Cruiserweight Classic so it looks like the #CWC will be returning as a regular show instead of just a yearly tournament, NXT and other shows

* The $14.99 tier would include footage of non-WWE promotions and there would be NO commercials. Fans would also get perks like early ticket access to events, offline content downloads, small group online chats, 2nd screen content and invites to in-person VIP meet-ups. I should note that WWE specifically mentions #impactwrestling and #ROH as possible promotions that you’d be able to see in the $14.99 tier. Basically, this price tier includes everything from the other tiers plus the perks and content from independent promotions.

It’s no secret that they are in talks with TNA about getting ownership of their library. It’s not known if these talks are just for their old footage or if new content is included. Dave Meltzer is reporting that there are also some rumblings about talks with #RingOfHonor but it’s unknown if that’s just for their library or if that also includes live events.

This sounds similar to UFC’s Fight Pass service. UFC airs live events from other promotions on their streaming service and if that’s what WWE is attempting to do then I think it’s a great idea.

Another cool thing that is being considered for the $14.99 tier is allowing fans to vote for the WWE Hall Of Fame nominee and More

Here is the price tier chart from market survey that was sent out (thanks to mike10dude on Reddit):

credit: THE SpOTLight

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