Report: A third party gave funds to TNA, WWE still in talks to buy the company

Oct 1, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


As noted on Friday evening, TNA Bound For Glory will be happening on Sunday night. But it wasn’t because of funding from Billy Corgan or WWE. The New York Post is reporting that the funds came from an unidentified third party.

The article notes that TNA has spent much of this past week in talks with WWE and Corgan. Dave Meltzer noted that WWE was in the picture at the beginning of the week and then they were out of the picture by mid-week so it’s unclear if they are back in the picture but WWE is unlikely to pay too much for TNA and their interest would be in their tape library.

The Post quoted a source saying that “no doors are closed.” Dixie Carter has already indicated that next week’s TV tapings will happen so this buys them time through the end of the year or until mid-December. In Mid-December they could always decide to air “best of” #Impactwrestling shows during the holidays.

So, TNA seems to be in the same spot as they were for the last few sets of tapings. They were able to get last-minute funding but someone needs to buy this company if they have any shot at a long-term future.

source: THE SpOtLight

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