Tidbits: Al Snow, Mascara Dorada, Sean Waltman, DDP, and more

Sep 30, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

– AAA announced that Ernesto Chavana the selfproclaimed “#1 Showman in Mexico” based out of Monterrey and part of MultiMedios TV will second Garza Jr. in his match against Johnny Mundo at Heroes Inmortales on Sunday at Arena Monterrey. This is a good deal for AAA because this will mean they will get even more publicity in the market.

– Mascara Dorada stated over the weekend that he won’t be leaving Mexico for WWE until the end of October because he wanted to fulfill all of his obligations and that WWE allowed him to do so which he was very gracious of. Dorada said that he didn’t want to burn any bridges at home as he hopes to return one day. (thanks to Kris Zellner)

– Ted and Wallys & Localmotive Benson present: PWP WrestleRama XII !! – Saturday October 1st at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, NE featuring Al Snow. Tickets are available here

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: X-Pac stacks Backlund up against the greatest shoot fighters in wrestling

“The difference is – it’s not that Bob wasn’t tougher than those guys or a better wrestler, it’s a different kind of wrestler. The style wasn’t as geared towards submissions and towards breaking bones. If Bob had been as good at that, he would have been better than any of those guys.”

– Only a Wrestlemania match would get DDP out of retirement

“If they asked me to come back to Wrestlemania again, I would go crazy doing it.”

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