Perry Saturn says he has a traumatic brain injury

Sep 18, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Recently at the Icon’s Collecterfest, wrestling legend Bill Apter caught up with Perry Saturn, who very rarely makes appearances, let alone at wrestling conventions.

While he seemed in good spirits, Saturn revealed that recently he’s been living with a traumatic brain injury and says it’s basically a “full time thing”. He also mentioned that he’s very hard to reach, and apter even mentioned how he went to call him, he had disconnected his phone.
Although didn’t elaborate on the exact condition or symptoms, he stated that he is happily living his life with his wife and grandson, who he plays Call of Duty Black Ops with.

Many years ago, Saturn had a horrible injury at an indie event where a botched moonsault to the floor resulted in a skull fracture. One fan sickeningly shouted “I SEE BRAIN MATTER” as Saturn bled.

Not too long ago it was rumored that Perry Saturn was homeless, living in his car. His troubles reached their peak when he was shot in the neck after he had attempted to defend a woman from two men who were in the process of sexually assaulting her. He had a string of bad luck, worsened by an addiction to methamphetamine.

Despite all of this, Saturn seemed happy and and in good spirits. Here’s wishing the best for him.

credits: ProWrestlingSheet & THE SpOTLight

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