Adam Rose wanted his WWE character to be more edgy

Sep 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE superstar Adam Rose (now known as Aldo Rose) recently did a shoot interview with RF Video about his time in WWE and NXT. Here are some of the highlights:

-in NXT, he feels like Sami Callihan (Solomon Crow) and CJ Parker were extremely underutilized in NXT and that “should never have happened”.

-the Adam Rose character was inspired by Aldous Snow in the movie “Get Him to the Greek”.

-the “Rosebuds” were an idea pitched by Byron Saxton.

-his vision of Adam Rose was much edgier than the version we got in WWE. He wanted to be more of a club scene character.

-he refers to WWE’s version of Adam Rose as “Sesame Street” for its childish nature.

-He also noted that he was unhappy upon seeing a 35 year old man dressed up as a hot dog and a hamburger. Rose walked by thinking “Well, this is sh*t”.

-he was told by Triple H himself that his Adam Rose character was going to be a “hard sell” to the wrestling audience, with both of them feeling Rose was too quirky to get over with the wrestling audience.

-he puts over Bray Wyatt as an incredibly creative person, and Sami Zayn as an incredible worker.

-on his storyline with Rosa Mendes, he called it an “immediate disconnect” because he was told that the ESPN audiences and wwe audiences were completely different, so nobody would know he had a wife and child in real life.

-he mentioned how it bothered him that JBL consistently buried his character and that they’d even talked about it.

– he felt extremely uncomfortable allowing a camera crew to document his life on the 60 for 60 ESPN special, but felt that the documentary was incredibly well done.

-when he was suspended, he made the decision to go public with his prescription on his Twitter because both he and his doctor were upset that he was wrongfully suspended.

-when speaking about the incident with his wife, he says that he had no idea she had called 911, so when he took the phone for her the phone’s battery accidentally came out. He did not knowingly try to stop her while she was calling 911.

credit: THE SpOTLight

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