Video: Ronda Rousey Makes Surprise Appearance At Independent Wrestling Event

Sep 12, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Absolute Intense Wrestling Bloodsport on September 9, 2016, marked history in the 11 years of AIW. With many in town for UFC 203, quite a few celebrities made an appearance at the show, including Noelle Foley and her boyfriend Frank the Clown, Ariel Helwani, Andy Williams From Musical Act Everytime I Die, Wai Ting and John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling, Tyson Kidd, and in a huge surprise appearance, Ronda Rousey and Jessamyn Duke appearing from behind the curtain at the show’s conclusion.

1.Tim Donst Defeated Shawn Shultz , Eric Ryan, and Facade in a four way to open the show. All four men impressed in the opener, but in the end it was Donst using AIW Absolute Champ Josh Prohibition’s Drunken Driver finisher on Eric Ryan onto the downed Façade to get the win.

2.BJ Whitmer with The Duke defeated Dominic Garrini in a battle of rookie (and AIW trainee) Garrini, and vet Whitmer. The two exchanged takedowns and some great mat wrestling throughout the match. The finish saw BJJ purple belt Garrini actually choke out Whitmer with a triangle choke, but in the process, Whitmer managed to stack Garrini up, putting his shoulders on the mat for a three count as he went out.

3.Candice LeRae defeated Britt Baker in a match between trainer and student that was originally scheduled for the Back to the Future Cup show the weekend of this year’s JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, prior to Baker suffering an ankle injury, causing the postponement. Neither missed a step in the rescheduled bout, and despite their close relationship, neither held back in this battle. Bringing the crowd to their feet multiple times during the match, they brought everything they had to the match, and in the end, the trainer would get the better of the trainee.

4.Dan Severn defeated Eddie Kingston when he choked out the Mad King with a rear naked choke. Kingston saw much of his normal intensity and offense stymied by the 58 year old UFC Hall of Famer. At one point Kingston hit his machine gun style chops, only to have The Beast roar back at him and put on a clinic of throws and suplexes. Many fans were caught off guard when Severn caught Kingston in the rear naked choke and referee Tom Dunn called for the bell when Eddie failed to respond to his prompts.

5.Colt Cabana Defeated Grado in a match that lived up to every expectation of it. Another match that AIW had planned to put on much earlier, but extenuating circumstances lead to it not happening, the two locked up for the first time on US soil at Bloodsport. At one point Grado became upset with Cabana’s heavy chops in the corner and proclaimed that he was leaving and began calling for AIW officials to get him a flight home immediately. He would make it almost out the door of the building before Colt would claim a beer from the concession area and use that to lure Grado back to the ring to continue the matchup. In the end, when Cabana’s offense failed to finish Grado off, he would hit a Go to Sleep on Grado to get the three count.

6.Gringo Loko/Steve Pain Defeated To Infinity And Beyond and The Boys from Jollyville in a tag team triple threat match in a preview of the upcoming Double Dare tag team tournament to crown new AIW tag team champions. The three teams went at each other with reckless abandon, each looking to gain crucial momentum for the tournament. At one point Steve Pain attempted to cut off Nasty Russ of the Jollyville team, instead ending up with Russ performing a huge moonsault off his shoulders to the floor. But all of the high flying didn’t get a victory for the other two teams, as the first time team of Gringo Loko and Steve Pain would show great teamwork to pick up the victory.

7. Louis Lyndon defeated Matt Riddle in Riddle’s AIW debut. Lyndon has been on a huge roll lately, including a huge upset of Zach Sabre, Jr. at Absolution XI. On this night however, his normally lethal Dragon Sleeper failed to get the job done on the UFC veteran. Each time he applied it, Riddle had a counter ready for him. Frustrated with his go to submission not getting the job done, Lyndon would instead use a low blow to set up a small package and pick up the victory.

8. Alex Daniels (with Gregory Iron, Veda Scott, and Ray Lyn of No Strings Attached) defeated Michael Elgin to retain his AIW intense championship. Elgin overcame multiple instances of interference from No Strings Attached to deal massive punishment to Daniels, but each time it appeared he had Daniels finished, the Intense Champion managed to escape. As Elgin set up Daniels for an Elgin Bomb, Rae Lynn drew the referee’s attention while Gregory Iron and Veda Scott both attempted to interfere. In the end, Elgin thwarted the interference, but it was enough of a distraction to allow Daniels to land a cheap shot and roll Elgin up for the victory. After the match, Veda Scott proclaimed that there was no one that could offer a challenge to “The Realist” for the Intense Title, but she was interrupted by Joey Janela making his surprise return to AIW and challenging Daniels to a match on September 23rd.

9. Josh Prohibition defeated Ethan Page to retain the AIW Absolute Championship. The two familiar foes picked up where they have left off before. Multiple times the two countered their opponent’s trademark attacks. As they each tried to gain an advantage, Tim Donst made his presence known, walking to the ring and entering it. While referee Jake Clemons attempted to keep him from becoming physically involved, Donst produced a chain and eyed both competitors up. However instead of using the chain, he would drop it between the two and walk out of the ring. Both competitors attempted to grab it, and in the scramble, All Ego would hit his Spinning Dwayne. However Prohibition kicked out, and Page took his anger out in a confrontation with Clemons. Prohibition used the opportunity to get back to his feet and take Page down with a crossface, using the chain across Page’s face and getting the submission victory to retain the title.

10. Shayna Baszler defeated Heidi Lovelace to become the new AIW Women’s Champion. For the first time in AIW history, a non Girl’s Night Out card saw two women lock up in the main event. The defending champion Lovelace came into the match look to get revenge for what Baszler did to her close friend Annie Social at Girl’s Night Out 18. Lovelace would put up a valiant effort in her attempt to retain her title and derail Baszler, but the Queen of Spades was a force that could not be stopped. Relentless in her attack, Baszler would get the victory and become the new AIW Women’s Champion. In a huge surprise to those on hand, as Baszler celebrated her title win and headed up the ramp, fellow Four Horsewoman of MMA, Jessamyn Duke would step out of the back to embrace her and join in the celebration, and then former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey joined her close friends on the stage, grabbing Baszler and lifting her into the air in celebration of her first professional wrestling title before the three went back through the curtain backstage .After the event Rousey posed for photographs and signed autographs for fans in attendance.

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