WWE Media Department Told to Stop Promoting a Scheduled Clash of Champions Match

Sep 10, 2016 - by Michael Riba

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, Sasha Banks made her return to the company after taking several weeks off to take care of a nagging injury, which didn’t require any surgery. She would go on to cut a promo, that didn’t go well over with her peers (peers were upset with Creative, not Sasha), and mention that she was coming after Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday, September 25th from Indianapolis, Indiana.

For what it’s worth, it’s now being said that WWE told everyone in the web department this past week to not promote Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte at Clash of Champions. They were told to delete any stories referencing the match. If you visit the Clash of Champions page on WWE.com, you will see that the task is complete and there is no mention of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, or the match that Sasha mentioned on last week’s Raw.

This could be an indication that WWE has decided to pull the match and go with their original plans of Charlotte vs. Bayley for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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