“Superstar” Billy Graham on the much anticipated CM Punk fight

Sep 9, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook page:

C. M. Punk

Below is a weigh-in photo of Punk from today, 9/9/2016. I can’t think of a more anticipated fight in years than this one taking place tomorrow. A tremendous amount of pressure is on Punk and you can tell that by his body language during the weigh-in and in other interviews that he has done. The WWE being silent on Punk’s UFC fight tomorrow does make one think that Vince may have washed his hands of Punk, but Vince at one time had washed his hands of me and the Ultimate Warrior and and then put us into the WWE Hall of Fame !!!!! Punk does appear nervous and actually you can’t blame him for that.

I can’t really get a good look at his body because of all of his tats, ha. But being 170 is very light and one wouldn’t expect to see much muscle mass at the height of both men. The subject of muscle mass brings up the response I read from Ron Kist, which goes as follows. Ron said: “I see that he lost weight but never thought of Punk as a “roid ” guy. He had an average body, not like a Ryback or a Batista.” Very good response Ron and it made me do some research in photo galleries of Punk during his run with the WWE. I looked closely at different shots of him and yes, he seemed to have been much heavier and bigger than now. One can take roids and not look like Ryback or Batista. To look like those guys, one must spend hours in the gym moving iron around everyday, plus take the roids. So, I would like to apologize to you Ron, and to all of the thousands of my Facebook fans for making that assumption without being able to prove it, I just assumed that he took roids. A big mistake on my part and thank you for taking an honest stand on that issue.

With about 24 hours before Punk steps inside of a caged octagon for the first time any final predictions? I personally don’t have a clue and will find it interesting when the winner is declared.

Superstar Billy Graham

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