Del Rio discusses leaving WWE

Sep 9, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

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After WWE announced the departure of Alberto Del Rio, the former WWE champion held a press conference in Mexico City inside a Hooters restaurant. The backdrop featured the name Alberto El Patron, a name he used before while working away from WWE. was on hand to cover the press conference. Del Rio said he did not feel comfortable anymore in WWE and said that WWE were not doing things with him so he decided to move out again. An agreement was reached and Del Rio said that McMahon did not apply the 90-day no compete clause for him so he can work immediately in Mexico and quite soon in the United States as well. Del Rio said that he has many projects and wants to do sports commentating in America and start a new business in Mexico. Del Rio said he was grateful to Vince McMahon and he has won everything in the WWE. Tomorrow he will be having meetings with different people in Mexico and made it clear that he does not want to sign any exclusive deals. “I do not regret my second stint [in WWE]. They gave me everything I asked, but my decision was not motivated by not having championships; that is irrelevant at this stage of my career,” Del Rio told the press. He said he was losing his passion for wrestling lately and every time he boarded a plane to go to the next city he was upset. He doesn’t want to be a bitter wrestler and told Vince that he doesn’t want to lose his passion for wrestling. Del Rio said that he doesn’t exclude another WWE return down the line. Del Rio said that he plans to wrestle for two more year before retiring. His girlfriend Paige was with him at the press conference however did not sit down with him at the table and was just to the side. Del Rio never mentioned the 30-day suspension he received for his first WWE Wellness Program violation.

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