Vince McMahon doesn’t remember Luke Gallows played Festus

Sep 2, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

On a recent Sam Roberts show Podcast, Luke Gallows gave a story about how Apparently, WWE owner Vince McMahon’s forgotten that one of the guys in the new tag team he signed from New Japan used to use that gimmick:

Anderson: The best part of the Festus character is that we heard from Talent Relations, or the Head of Talent Relations is that Vince doesn’t even remember that he was Festus.

Gallows: I don’t know if we’re even allowed to say the word, but my wife didn’t even know that I was Festus when I married her, which is real.

Anderson: We go up to the Gorilla Position, and Mark Carano would say, I’m going to go tell Vince and remind him that you were Festus. I would say, don’t tell Vince, I need this run right now lol

source: THE SpOtLight

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