Tidbits: Akebono, Johnny Kashmere, Bob Evans, video game featuring indy talent, and more

Sep 2, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

– Akebono told Yahoo! Japan that AAA would be bringing over 20 wrestlers for their STAR BATTLE JAPAN show at Korakuen Hall on 10/26. Akebono is working as the promoter for the show and will be probably working the show as well. (thanks to Kris Zellner)

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: Johnny Kashmere Returns to Wrestling

Johnny Kashmere, one-half of The Backseat Boys, a former tag champion in Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Big Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as Big Japan Pro Wrestling Lightweight champion, returns to wrestling Saturday, October 22 at the 2300 Arena, 2300 Swanson Ave, Philadelphia, PA for “The Acid Cup”, a one-night cruiserweight tournament in honor of his tag partner, the late Trent Acid.

Kashmere said on his facebook page, “I’ve agreed to be a part of the event. Been way too long since i’ve been involved in the business that I fell head over heels in love with decades ago. Luckily I’ve kept myself in good shape and I have to admit i’m super excited about this opportunity to showcase my talents”

For more information on “The Acid Cup”, visit facebook.com/events/145479889228509/.

– Via Dino Winwood: on Thursday 9/1, a Kickstarter will be launching for a video game featuring Top Indy Wrestling Talent


Classic wrestling game came to life…only to debut against TNA

Baltimore, MD – A free short documentary is now available here Kickstarter Wrestling Event Documentary featuring the story of two professional wrestling and pop culture fans coming up with the idea to put on a live event based on the 30-year old, science-fiction pro wrestling tabletop game; Champions of the Galaxy. The two novices at producing sports entertainment, unbelievably get their brainstorm realized with a successful Kickstarter campaign and in the process Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event became the first and only professional wrestling show that was funded by online crowd donations and presented before a paying audience.

In the summer of 2014, Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event took place in Jamestown, NY, the city the game company that created Champions of the Galaxy called home for close to 30 years. The event was expected to have a big turnout in the small city…until TNA announced they were doing a show the same night two miles down the road.

The free documentary; “Roll of the Dice: The Champions of the Galaxy Story,” includes footage from Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event; the science-fiction themed professional wrestling show featuring original characters, colorful costumes and innovative special effects as well as interviews with the event organizers, Champions of the Galaxy fans and creator Tom Filsinger. The documentary also includes clips from the Legends of Wrestling Supercard that features the bizarre dream match for the 24/7 Kentucky Hardcore Title between independent icon Chuck Taylor and the extreme superstar Stevie Richards!

Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event and Legends of Wrestling Supercard double header; “Great Galaxian Bash” now available on DVD and Digital Download at championsofthegalaxy.com! Includes extra documentary footage and more!

– ROH’s Bob Evans posted on Facebook: So ESPN guy “sincerely apologizes” to Kevin Owens and his family.

Yeah, right. Job saver. That’s all it is. What would have impressed me a lot more is if he apologized to Kevin and his family face-to-face.

But that would be what a mature adult does.

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