ESPN host draw the wrath of wrestling fans over Kevin Owen’s family video

Sep 1, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

Amin Elhassan of ESPN drew the wrath of wrestling fans yesterday when he made fun of a video uploaded by Kevin Owen’s wife showing their son Owen in disbelief over his father’s WWE Universal title win this past Monday on Raw. Elhassan re-tweeted the video which For The Win posted and added, “Until someone told him it was scripted.” The often-sensitive Internet wrestling community got together and pretty much went to war against Elhassan, who traded funny insults and comments towards those who flooded him on Twitter. Elhassan’s comment drew the attention of several co-workers and those in the wrestling business as well. Matt Hardy called Elhassan an “obsolete mule” who gets annoyed when kids get excited for Santa Claus during Christmas time. “The MAGIC is real, Owen,” he said. Fellow colleague Jonathan Coachman told Elhassan on Twitter that he really thought he were better and that he can’t appreciate real emotion. Coach said that when people pass such remarks, they never do it to his face at work and this is how they get attention. ESPN was criticized a lot for covering WWE on television and website. Michelle Beadle, also from ESPN and a huge wrestling fan, asked Elhassan if they need to fight, adding an animated GIF of Roman Reigns doing the DX “suck it” crotch gesture. You can watch the video in question here.

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