Steve Austin Visits Bodybuilding Legend in Hospital

Aug 25, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

via Chris Yandek:

Recently, Steve Austin visited bodybuilding legend and fellow pro wrestler and wrestling school teacher Ric Drasin in the hospital. During the golden age of bodybuilding, Mr. Drasin was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training partners. On Austin visiting him in the hospital, Drasin said this to Chris Yandek of

“He [Steve Austin] had called me. He said, ‘A friend of mine said you were in the hospital sick.’ I said, ‘Yeah. You want to come over.’ He said, ‘I’ll be over there tomorrow.’ Sure enough right on time he came, sat with me for quite a while. Then he’s checked on me three times since. He’s just a good guy, just a really good guy. Made me feel really nice he showed up.”

You can read or listen to the full interview below:

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