My View On Fans Blaming Finn Balor’s Injury On Seth Rollins At SummerSlam‏

Aug 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

by Shin-Blade

For those vehemently blaming Seth Rollins intentionally injuring Finn Balor, please stop. Seriously…

As a trained wrestler, you are supposed to be AWARE of what can happen to you once you step out of that curtain, let alone setting foot in the ring. Sometimes it happens in training as well.

You are RESPONSIBLE for the other man’s safety as well as they are responsible for your safety as well. Like sex, it often takes two for one to be injured.

It’s a risk stepping into the ring EVERY NIGHT, whether you work 300+ days a year or even once every two weeks. And this is coming from an up and coming podcast host & “journalist.” I’ve been in the ring and train off and on for a while now.

Both men are world renowned professionals. I’m sure WWE did not hire them strictly to hurt one another.

And for those “WWE fans” still whining & crying about Seth Rollins, I advise you to watch other promotions from around the world. I’ve seen careers shortened in a flash because of a bad mistake.

Or better yet, grow up and start training yourself, I know a guy name Danny Cage (from the World Famous Monster Factory) that will give you honest business rough, rugged & raw… ‪#‎SHS‬

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