Brendan Dassey being sent to Wrestlemania 33

Aug 23, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

One of the subjects of the hit Netflix television series Making A Murder might be going to WrestleMania after an unlikely company has decided to pay the bills to send Brendan Dassey and his family to Orlando for WrestleMania 33. In the Making A Murderer series, Dassey is revealed to be a big WWE fan and was heard in jail telephone recordings asking his mother to record WrestleMania 22 for him so he can see it after he gets out from being interrogated, not knowing that he was being setup to frame his uncle, and himself, in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Adult website xHamster is now coming to the rescue, saying they will be sending Dassey – whose judgment was overturned a few weeks ago – to WrestleMania after he is freed in the next 90 days. “We are pleased that we can make this young’s man dream of going to WrestleMania come true,” said Alex Hawkins, a spokesman for xHamster. “We have been in talks with the family and they are more than thrilled that Brendan will get this opportunity after so many years of heartache and injustice. We are waiting on a response from Brendan and we know he will be thrilled that he is going to WrestleMania when he gets out.” Former DX member X-Pac also expressed his wish to buy tickets for WrestleMania to Dassey and his family and wanted to go see him in prison until he eventually was told not to go.

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