Violinist discusses performing Nakamura’s theme live

Aug 22, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

“Almost Showtime… I’m pretty exited…nervous actually and when I get nervous it’s bcuz something beautiful is about to happen…” Those were the words of 32-year-old Lee England Jr., the man who killed it at the Barclays Center yesterday playing Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme live on his violin, before coming out for the surprise. Only a few people in the WWE get to have a live performance of their theme song and with Nakamura being one of the biggest stars in the WWE today, it was only fitting to have the magical entrance. “It was absolutely breathtaking to walk into the stadium and have like, 15,000 captive audience,” Lee told WWE in an exclusive video interview after the show. “They were all quiet, just waiting for what was about to happen so…and I walked out and it’s like…this is weird cause nobody’s saying anything. I mean I’ve been in small intimate venues but people haven’t been that quiet!” England Jr., called Triple H a hero of his and he said that it was unreal for this to happen to him, going from being a child watching wrestling to being there on stage. “Me and my violin doing what I love to do…that’s what brought me here,” he said.

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