NYS Athletic Commission stops match claiming that a woman cannot compete against a man

Aug 22, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

By Shin-Blade
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On Friday August 19, 2016, there was an intergender match at Tier 1 Wrestling event in Brooklyn, NY that was stopped by the New York State Athletic Commission due to a “rule” in the book about a male wrestler facing a female wrestler.

“Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks vs Marc Hauss

(2:55 Mark)

However, this was not true and this was not a work.

Apparently, there were two licensed New York officials (male & female) present at the time and they could not provide palatable evidence of this “rule” of a female wrestler being unable to face a male wrestler.

The match was booked several weeks in advance and was given to the New York State Athletic Commission and also posted on social media as well. There was well enough time to cancel or veto this match for whatever reason to make.

There were chants of “This is bullsh-t” and “That was awkward” coming from the crowd as the male officer of the commission tried to explain why women couldn’t wrestle men with chants of “F— that guy” echoed inside the building of St Finbar’s Catholic Church Annex.

As the night went on, the New York Athletic Commission further failed to find the actual “rule” in the official guide but however did find the actual rule which stated that “A male BOXER couldn’t face a female BOXER.” This is Professional Wrestling.

The planned match did go on after the main event as a bonus match for the dedicated Tier 1 Wrestling fans. After the match, “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks stood tall as the Tier 1 roster surrounded the ring among a standing ovation from the fans.

Link: https://youtu.be/PfIxF6UE26U

I had an exclusive interview with all parties involved including Marc Hauss’ manager Jackson Smart and the assigned referee Kris Levin, who is also the promoter for VALKYRIE Womens Professional Wrestling. Levin was also threatened by suspension from the New York State Athletic Commission as well.

Interview Link: https://youtu.be/rI7SkRzqf1E

Dennis Long, the promoter of Tier 1 Wrestling was unavailable for comment at the time.

Also, here are social media posts from the parties involved:

Jessie Brooks: https://www.facebook.com/JessieBonesawBrooks/posts/560551857485605

Kris Levin: https://www.facebook.com/kris.levin/posts/10210711882062738

Manager Jackson Smart: https://www.facebook.com/TheJacksonSmart/posts/1651422121841206

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