Lynch‬ on fans ripping on ‪‎Eva Marie‬

Aug 14, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Scott Fishman has an interview with Becky Lynch at Channel Guide Mag, below are some highlights:

Sasha Banks facing Charlotte at SummerSlam next week:

“It’s an inspiration and really shows where we want to really go. Everyone wants that top spot and they are getting it. They are making the most out of it and are just not in that spot because they are just women. They are just good in general. They are getting the rewards they deserve.”

Eva Marie:

Eva Marie is so hard-working. Yes, she is new. She gets so much flack from fans for being this gorgeous woman who, apparently, they say can’t wrestle, but she puts in the hard work. I love working with talent like that. It’s a challenge for me, but I feel it’s a great spot for me to be in because I can be a leader. I really enjoy that. I remember when I was coming in and having someone to keep you calm and help you through helps. Then you build this confidence. It does help because maybe they don’t have that confidence at first, and you are able to bring them through to a good match. Then they come back, and they are so excited. I absolutely love that.”

You Can Read The Full Interview At This Link

Credit: THE SpOtLight

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