Shelton Benjamin‬ reveals his recovery time

Aug 12, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Shelton Benjamin recently appeared on The Ross Report podcast and discussed his injury.

Benjamin noted that his planned return to ‪‎WWE‬ has been put on hold due to a full tear of his rotator cuff. The injury occurred while he was in Japan and he has been wrestling with the injury for over 2 months.

He said he received a cortisone shot after his injury and his shoulder began to feel better each day thereafter. He noted that any soreness he felt was put down to general wear and tear of a wrestler on the road.

It was a WWE physician who informed him of the severity of his shoulder injury and told him that he would definitely require surgery. He was told the recovery time for the injury is 6 months. He says WWE will certainly be on his radar once again after his recovery concludes.

Credit: THE SpOTLight

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