TNA‬ ‪Knockout‬ ‪opens up about her history with Domestic Abuse

Aug 3, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

TNA‬ ‪Knockout‬ ‪Jade‬ opens up about her history with Domestic Abuse

In a recent article in Huffington Post, former Knockouts Champion Jade spoke about the abuse she endured by her wrestler ex-boyfriend. She first spoke about an occasion where he gave her a rougher than usual headlock:

“When he finally let go, my then-boyfriend just left me there and I’m wondering what the hell just happened. Was he legitimately trying to hurt me? Because it was a headlock, and we’re both wrestlers, I justified it as maybe it was him trying to playfully end [the argument].”

She further explained how the violence soon escalated:

“It got more and more regular that if I said something he didn’t like he would get violent. One time I was in bed and we had a disagreement, so he left the room but came back in to head-butt me. Then he started to choke me. In fact, whenever he didn’t like something I said, he would choke me. Soon down the line, I realized that his mindset was because I’m not hitting you, it’s ok. Because I’m not leaving a mark on you, it’s ok.”

Some people began to question her claims of domestic abuse. Why would she be complaining about being abused by her boyfriend when she made a career out of theatrical violence? To which she responded

“We choose to get in the ring. We’re trained to keep ourselves and our opponents safe. But when someone brings it back home, that’s not wrestling anymore. That is not entertainment. That is just straight abuse.”

In fact, her claims of domestic abuse were met with criticism. Specifically, his trainer urged her to keep quiet about the alleged abuse.

“His trainer, even some of our mutual friends thought I was exaggerating and making it up. When I filed the order of protection, his trainer tried to talk me out of it. He said that I was hurting my ex’s career because I have a bigger name.”

Jade is currently dating independent wrestler ‪Eddie Kingston‬ and has gone on to have a very successful career in TNA, even becoming ‪knockouts Champion‬ on several occasions.

credit: AlextheGreat @ THE SpOtLight

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