Seth Rollins‬ on ‪Roman Reigns‬ apologizing to the ‪‎WWE‬ locker room

Aug 3, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins appeared on Bailey and Southside earlier this week Rollins was asked if he had ever been to Wrestler’s Court. Rollins answered “no,” and that it was a system that is no longer around. Rollins said that cases were usually over trivial items, like someone taking somebody else’s seat in catering, and that penalties “could be a little harsh” before social media and the company went public. Rollins was asked if he was there when Roman Reigns was brought up to Wrestler’s Court over his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy in June.

“No, that’s misunderstood,” Rollins said. Rollins corrected the hosts and said that Reigns actually addressed the locker room since he was a locker room leader and he wanted to address the situation. Rollins noted that Wrestler’s Court was a light-hearted deal, while Reigns addressing the locker room was more of a professional thing between himself and the company.

Credit: THE SpOtLight

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