Jeff Hardy explains his recent bizarre behavior

Jul 31, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Complex recently spoke to TNA’s Jeff Hardy, who discussed his recent behavior after a triple threat match at a JCW Gathering of the Juggalos event in Ohio. After a match, Hardy started acting erratically and took a reported cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger and started pointing to the sky. Hardy claimed the breakdown after the match was a preview for what’s next for his character in TNA Wrestling. Below are some highlights of Hardy commenting on what happened.

Hardy on what happened after the match:

“I finished the match with a [frustrated] breakdown where I’m trying to break a ladder, break tables… Many people hadn’t seen that, so naturally people are wondering ‘what the Hell is wrong with Jeff Hardy? Oh my God, he’s off the wagon!’ And this-and-that. It was nothing like that.”

Hardy on thinking the cardboard cutout was of Eddie Guerrero when it was really El Dandy:

“It was a [Mexican Wrestler] El Dandy cutout and I thought it was Eddie Guerrero and I feel so stupid now. Just knowing [Guerrero] back in the day…real tight, real good friends. Plus, my eyesight’s going. Somebody said something about it being Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I thought, if that was Arnold, I need to go to the hospital right now, holy s–t!”

On getting a CT scan done after the event:

“I had a CT scan done Tuesday and they came back normal, thank God. I’m having a hard time turning my head, but I’m a lot better. I’m not tremoring anymore. That’s why they sent me to get a CT scan because when I tried to turn my head, I would shake, and he was worried it might be a brain issue or a concussion or something worse. Anyway, thank God the doctor called me back and said ‘Well, I hate to tell you this, but you’re pretty much normal.’”


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