WWE’s George Barrios says they would listen to a potential company sale

Jul 30, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

During Thursday’s conference call discussing the Q2 2016 financial results, WWE’s Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios took a question regarding a potential WWE sale similar to that one of the UFC. UFC was sold for $4 billion earlier this month and right after the sale WWE stocks jumped due to the valuation of the company. “I think that reflects the value people put on branded live content. So we think that’s great,” Barrios said. “And as far as the private transaction look, as you know us, we are always willing to listen and all we care about is doing what’s best for our audience, for our shareholders, and for our employees. So, if someone’s got a great idea, we’re open to listening to it,” Barrios added. There are always rumors of a potential WWE sale to bigger companies however this is the first time that a high-ranking WWE official has acknowledged that they wouldn’t shoot down the idea of a sale and would be open to discuss it.

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