Rip Rogers On Roman Reigns WWE Suspension, RAW Being Too Long, Performance Center Criticism‏

Jul 23, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Today The Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes the very out-spoken and often controversial, “Hustler” Rip Rogers. No stranger to the world of pro wrestling, Rogers made his name as a veritable utility performer in many territories throughout the 1980s as he brought the “Hustler” persona to prominence in such places as Stampede, Memphis, Portland and Mid-Atlantic. But it has been his time as a trainer that has propelled him to become a well respected and sought after coach to many stars both past and present and his unique blend of motivation and harsh critiquing of a performance have left fans wanting to know more about just how Rip Rogers can open up a can of smack talk on someone in the snap of a finger. Enjoy Episode number 193 and go back and listen to past episodes of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling on Podomatic.

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Rip Rogers On The Wellness Policy Suspension of Roman Reigns:

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Rip Rogers On The Wellness Policy Suspension of Roman Reigns:

“I don’t know what to say. They know they are going to get drug tested and his spot is already secure so there isn’t any reason to do it. It’s not like you are training for the Olympics and everybody else is on it. It is a cosmetic thing. Just get up earlier and train harder it is that simple. He is already figured in and they’ve said no matter how rotten you are that we are going to go with you. But it’s not his fault because you’ve got to remember years ago if you had ten years in a territory and had a few thousand matches you learned to work with some real tag team specialists and had different kinds of gimmicks. You would get to cut a promo and see every angle of television and now all of a sudden they are taking (excuse me) goofs off the street or they are “Indy” guys that had twenty-four matches this year and are now a veteran an they take them and they put them in developmental with these guys (trainers) that have never made any money and all of a sudden they are idolized and that has to go to their heads. No normal person could just be “Joe” off the street and become a worldwide television star. All of a sudden every girl in the world wants to give him a bl*w job and what the f*ck are you supposed to do? You are a God-damn nobody that should have been working in a factory are saying holy sh*t I am over.”

Is the Performance Center going to hurt how the WWE produces its future talent:

“I always say that it’s the professional wrestling business because I don’t give a f*ck about “sports entertainment” and I’ve never even seen Roman Reigns work and in fact I’ve only watched one hour (of WWE) since 2002. So most of the guys I’ve never seen but I’ve seen stuff on Twitter but I have no idea how they work. But you can’t have a McDonald’s hamburger and have every other hamburger be the same. You’ve got to have a Dick “The Bruiser”, Mad Dog Vachon or Wahoo McDaniel or even a “Playboy” Buddy Rose or “Superstar” Billy Graham and you need all guys that are different. Every match needs to be different and needs different psychology.” Not every guy needs music or music means nothing. Not every guy needs cut abs or abs mean nothing.

The WWE television shows being way too long:

“Well they obviously don’t give a sh*t because they are selling their dolls and their gimmicks but they’ve got three hours for RAW and that is too long for wrestling. Now, it is three hours long because of the money that they get from USA or whatever they network they are on. But when you are sitting there in the audience and you get people who swear they are never going to go to watch wrestling again because they are sitting there for six hours with pre-shows, the main event after the show and blah blah blah,. All of this is on a school night and a work night and it is basically saying to you that you will never want to come back here again.”

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