Former WCW Performer Talks Russo’s Creative Not Being Suited For WCW, Savage Wanting His Ring Name, more

Jul 22, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling marches forward to it’s milestone episode #200 as we welcome guest number 192, the former WCW performer and Smoky Mountain Wrestling Television Champion, Robert Kellum aka The Maestro. The Stro’s backstory and his connection to the original pro wrestling mega star Gorgeous George kicks off the interview and we quickly dive deep into Stro’s career that saw him hit stops in Puerto Rico, SMW and of course WCW as he adapted The Maestro persona.

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The Maestro On Macho Man Randy Savage Asking For The Gorgeous George Name For His Girlfriend In WCW:

WCW’s execution of The Maestro character:

“If there were a few things that materialized it would have explained my persona a lot better. There was a just a glass ceiling there where guys were only going to get so far and once they hit that ceiling that was it. It’s just like for example when we had James Brown in to do the deal with The Cat (Ernest Miller) and myself. It was huge and our deal was just a segment on SuperBrawl and it wasn’t even a scheduled match but was the most talked about segment of the whole show. I remember even Vampiro meeting me in the back after that segment and he said that it was one of the greatest things that he had ever seen. Vampiro also was another guy that could have been bigger than they were allowing him to be because at the time he had such a fan base. I thought at one time he was right up there with Sting and that feud would have been money if done right.”

Other plans that never materialized:

“They were going to put me with the “crazy bunch” of Daffney and Crowbar and I was really excited about that. We were booked and on the road a lot together and being with them would have been a lot of fun. However, it is what it is and it is a time I will never forget and it was a time where they were kicking butt and rocking the wrestling world and it was really great to be a part of WCW.”

Thoughts on Vince Russo’s WCW arrival in 1999:

“I think with Vince Russo that his style of doing things wasn’t meant to be for WCW. He had ideas and he had a creative mind but I don’t think it was what many of the WCW fans wanted or watched. WCW was a whole new breed of animal compared to WWE because you didn’t have a Vince McMahon filtering his ideas like you did in WWE. He meant well but there were things that I didn’t really see eye to eye with honestly and again it was it was and that is pretty much it.”

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