WWE Hall of Famer: “Why Lesnar Why?”

Jul 20, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham posted on Facebook:


Hi fans, I have a few comments about Brock Lesnar failing the UFC drug testing policy for his recent fight on July 9th, 2016 and would definitely like some intelligent feedback on this issue.

As all of you smart fans know by now, Mr. Lesnar failed two US Anti-Doping Agency ( USADA ) tests on June 28th and July 9th, the latter the day of his UFC fight. He willfully took the drug Clomiphene, which is an Estrogen blocker. Clomiphene is used to increase testosterone production while cycling off of steroids. This drug is also banned on the WWE Wellness Policy.

1. 1st question: Will Vince and the WWE suspend Lesnar for this violation as they suspended Roman Reigns for his WWE Wellness violation?

2. 2nd question: Will the WWE even acknowledge Lesnar’s use of this banned substance?

3. 3rd question: If the WWE acknowledges Lesnar’s violation, will they make him apologize to the locker room talent as they made Roman Reigns do ?

4: Final question. Why was Brock Lesnar so stupid to use a drug that was in violation of the UFC and the WWE policies, knowing that he would be tested and be found positive for a banned substance?

Have a good day,
Superstar Billy Graham

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