7/16 WWE house show results – Bangor, Maine

Jul 17, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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Opening Match was Golden Truth vs Breezedango. R-Truth was WAY over with the crowd. Breezedango did a great job heating up the audience. The finish came when Truth rolled up Breeze. Highlight of the match saw Goldust hot Breeze and Fandango with an inverted atomic drop. Truth came in to celebrate and Goldust hit him with one as well. To make up for it, Goldie gave himself one on R-Truths knee!!

Next up was Heath Slater vs Titus O’Neil. Early in the match Slater and Titus hit heads. This opened a huge gash on Slater and the doctor came out and ended the match much to the frustration of Slater.

Next up was Sasha Banks beating Summer Rae with the Bank Statement. Not a great match at all.

Then the Miz came out and was super over. Huge heat magnet and Maryse almost as over. We got a huge treat as Darren Young came out with MR. BACKLUND!!!! In a very strange incident Backlund got sent to the back for getting on the apron. Darren Young was very impressive and even kicked out of the skull-crushing finale! The end was lame as Miz got DQ’d because Maryse grabbed Darren Young’s leg.

Next was the Big Show and Kane demolishing the Vaudevillains. Very boring but Show is so over it is scary!!!


Charlotte beat Alicia Fix with her feet on the ropes! Charlotte had nuclear heat and so did Dana Brooks who accompanied her.

In the match of the night Enzo and Cass beat the Dudleys after Cass launched Enzo onto Bubba Ray. The pop for Enzo and Cass was deafening. The Dudleys had the crowd frothing at the mouth through the entire match!!

The main event was a 4 way for the US Title between Rusev, Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Kalisto. The match had a ton of action including Cesaro power bombing Kalisto and Zayn as they gave Rusev and double superpower . Lana was removed from ringside for no real reason other than climbing on the apron. The finish came as Rusev kicked Cesaro and Zayn out and then bent Kalisto in half with the Accolade. The fans got sent home happy though as all 3 faces got to hit their finishers in Rusev. Funniest moment of the night was wen the crowd started chanting USA and Lana grabbed the mic and said “THERE ARE NO AMERICANS IN THIS MATCH YOU IDIOTS!”

source: Brad @ 411wrestling.com/wrestling

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