7/16 Evolve iPPV results – Queens, NY

Jul 16, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Evolve Wrestling

source: Wrestlingobserver.com

EVOLVE 64 iPPV from Queens, NY via WWNLive.com

– Johnny Gargano defeated Cedric Alexander

Great match as both men were appreciated by the crowd. There were superkicks all over the place. Incredible fast-paced action that the people loved. Gargano was able to apply a crossface submission for the win.

Post-match, Drew Galloway attacks Gargano, which leads to Ethan Page making the save to take the attempted chair shots by Galloway. This lead to Drew Gulak making the save as he was scheduled to face Galloway later tonight. Chuck Taylor appears to even the odds for Galloway.

Galloway cuts a promo from outside the ring and is able to convince Catch Point to put the tag titles on the line. Later tonight we will see Catch Point defend their titles against Drew Galloway & Chuck Taylor.

– Tony Nese defeated Darby Allin, Chris Dickinson, & Fred Yehi

Right after the bell rang, Allin was thrown hard to the outside by Dickinson and it was a violent bump. The other three wrestled a bit until Allin rose from the dead and instantly went for high risk moves, including a backwards trust fall type of dive to the outside.

Nese was able to capitalize on a big powerbomb by Dickinson on Allin by hitting a follow-up 450 splash for the pin. The crowd and the other three wrestlers showed Allin respect after the match.

– Ethan Page defeated Wheeler YUTA

Page was still selling the scuffle from earlier. He was angry and took it out on the fresh-faced youngster YUTA. Big power moves by Page and he used an RKEgo, buckle bomb, and package piledriver for the dominant win.

Post-match promo by Page as he continues his attempt at gaining Gargano’s trust.

– Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jigsaw

This was supposed to be TJ Perkins vs. ZSJ, but Stokely Hathaway had said his client needed the night off to prepare for his title match tomorrow.

Jigsaw, a veteran of the indies, was able to show his own technical ability early on and it only seemed to make Sabre Jr. mad. This resulted in various holds and violent stretches by ZSJ on Jigsaw.

After creating separation, Jigsaw was able to use his speed and flying ability to take control of the match for a while before Sabre Jr. locked in even more vicious holds. The finish was ZSJ nailing a Penalty Kick for the pin. Crowd showed Jigsaw respect after the match.

– Matthew Riddle defeated Roderick Strong

Great match with a fighting pace, both men were going for strikes and holds. Strong hit one of his famed backbreakers, which had Riddle shaking on the mat. Huge superplex by Strong and then a big boot.

This was an intense battle that could have gone either way until Riddle was able to catch Strong in the Bromission and wrenched back forcing a tap.

Strong shook Riddle’s hand and they embraced to show respect for the match they just had. As Strong left the ring, Riddle took the mic to call out “Trashy Tim” as he still has possession of the EVOLVE championship.

Timothy Thatcher made his way out and then Stokely Hathaway made his way to stir the pot. Thatcher then broke Hathaway’s thumb for touching the championship. Riddle laughed it off, took the title, and left as Marty Scurll made his way to the ring for our title match.

– EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher defeated Marty Scurll to retain his title

A well-paced match with strikes, uppercuts, and holds. The Villain tried to manipulate Thatcher’s left arm throughout for the chickenwing. Thatcher is a throwback worker who takes such punishment yet continues fighting.

Scurll actually locks in the chickenwing, but Thatcher bites his hand and escapes. Violent elbows by Scurll until Thatcher reverses and chokes Scurll out with a sleeper. The crowd was disappointed as they were hoping for a title change.

Post-match, TJP is out to lay in to Thatcher. Catch Point follows, and while Gulak and Thatcher have a stare down, TJP takes Thatcher out with a kick. Riddle was chilling on the turnbuckles during the entire altercation laughing and instigating.

Galloway and Taylor (now known as Dustin) make their way out and tell Riddle that he is better than Catch Point and that he should be with them. This leads us to our main event.

– Drew Galloway & Dustin (Chuck Taylor) defeated EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Drew Gulak & “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams to win the titles

There was instant brawling from the moment the bell ring. It was an intense battle with Galloway and Taylor systematically destroying Catch Point. Gulak took the hot tag and ran wild on Dustin, throwing hands and going for his submission. Galloway breaks it up and is able to tag in and destroy Williams with a tombstone piledriver.

Dustin catches Gulak in a leglock choke and arm wrenching submission, yet Gulak is able to get the ropes. After some exchanges, Dustin was able to hit a piledriver for the win. Galloway and Dustin are the new EVOLVE tag team champions.

Galloway and Dustin take the mic and talk down EVOLVE for their hypocrisy. They say EVOLVE wants to be independent yet join on with “The Machine.”

EVOLVE65 is available tomorrow on WWNLive.com

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