ESPN posts a mock WWE draft

Jul 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

wwe draft 2016

ESPN couldn’t wait Tuesday. In typical sports fashion, ESPN posted a mock draft for the upcoming roster split. They have former WWE champion Seth Rollins as their overall top pick.


The WWE is taking its brand into a new direction. Actually, two directions. On the first live Smackdown on July 19, the roster will be split in two, creating a new dynamic and extensive opportunities for superstars on the roster. Ahead of the draft on the Cheap Heat Podcast, Peter Rosenberg and Brian Campbell took part in a 10-round mock draft to offer a look at how the draft might go down.

ROUND 1 (Pick No. 1 overall) – Seth Rollins (Campbell)

Campbell’s take: It’s a no-brainer. He was the only one in the company who is a no-brainer at No. 1. You couldn’t make an argument against him because he’s the most well-rounded superstar, right now, at the peak of his prime. I don’t even think they have begun to find out how good he will be when he eventually turns babyface down the road.

Rosenberg’s take: He’s the [Randy] Savage of today — he can do every single thing that you need him to do.

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