Audio: Former WWE superstar On Pairing With Vickie Guerrero, Abrupt Release, McMahon Giving Him Pointers‏

Jul 14, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Escobar

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Today Rebels SpartaCon presents The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling featuring former WWE Superstar Eric Escobar. This episode begs someone to answer the question; Why Was Eric Escobar released by WWE? Eric, John and Chad attempt to figure it all out in a compelling near 90 minute interview where Eric takes the TMPT on a journey back through his run in the WWE Developmental system, his rise to the main roster and his pairing with a Vicki Guerrero who in 2009 may have been the most over heel in the company. This may be our most underrated interview of 2016 and is a must listen.

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Why Did WWE Break Up Eric Escobar and Vicki Guerrero So Quickly?

H/T to John and Chad for the transcription

Is wrestling psychology more prevalent in Puerto Rican wrestling culture or is wrestling in general neglecting to use it:

“They (Puerto Rico) are kind of slipping as well. We are always going to have that old school mentality because it is implanted basically in the wrestler’s DNA here in Puerto Rico. Carlos (Colon) is still a big believer in the kayfabe days and having separate locker rooms from time to time. When I worked with him back in 2003, I was a baby-face and I turned on Primo (Colon) which was a very good angle and when we were going over the details they asked me where was my bag and they said because I was going to turn on him so they were going to throw my bag out and that I was not welcome in the baby-face locker room anymore and I said NO you are not throwing my bag out of the locker room. It was the mentality of separate locker rooms but the reality was we were both coming out of the same curtain so how do you explain that one?”

What is the Colon family influence on wrestling in Puerto Rico:

“Carlos is still Carlos. Carlos is still a big name in wrestling here in Puerto Rico. He’s been running the company for the longest time with his partner but it is not like people recognize him on the street and take pictures and respect him a whole lot. He doesn’t have that GOD status that they kind of give wrestlers in Mexico or Japan or different cultures. You go to Mexico and you have comic books with El Santo and Blue Demon Jr. or Mil Mascaras and those are basically Gods in the entire community and everyone knows about them. A lot of people do know about Carlos Colon because he has been around forever but they don’t have that legend status like they do in Mexico or Japan but still he is a very recognizable figure. It is like saying Hulk Hogan in the U.S. okay you mean wrestling and if you say Carlos Colon you think Puerto Rico and it is kind of like the same thing.”

Being paired with Vickie Guerrero on following his WWE Smackdown debut in 2009:

“I had no idea what was going on. Ricky Steamboat came up to me and said I was going to be Vicki Guerrero’s boyfriend and I thought that was awesome. When I went to Vicki and introduced myself we started talking and I asked if anyone had come to her and she said yes and that she was supposed to meet up with this Eric Escobar guy (laughing).

I still didn’t believe it and kept thinking they were going to cut me off and until I watched it on Friday night I was happy because I finally made my debut.”

Did he see her as the natural heat magnet she became:

“I still remember the first time we kissed on TV. Being there with the live crowd, as soon as I grabbed her and little by little I was getting closer I could hear the people building like ‘no no please don’t do it’ and I thought that it was great. If I would have known that me making out with Vicki would get me this over than I would have been making out with her a long time ago. You could tell with that reaction from the crowd that they really hated her but she is such a sweetheart and such a great person to be around and it was phenomenal. Whatever little time we had together, we had fun with it and they were just pulling us in all these directions.”

Was Vince McMahon hands on with putting together the vignettes with Vicki:

“Yeah, he actually did give me some pointers and said a couple of things, but to be honest, he did talk to me and told me what to do and when I would put my matches together with agents I felt I was doing what he was telling me to do. But at the same time it was either yes or no, possibly something got lost in translation and I didn’t understand what they wanted from me to but every time I asked they would say you are doing well. But one thing led to another and here we are six years later with me being released.”

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