Taz and The Rock clear the air

Jul 11, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

The Rock sent in a video message to Taz and his fans to play on The Taz Show to clear the air about the whole Hump Day Promos vs Rock The Promo saga. Before the video played, Taz explained the whole story on what went down and communicated with Brian Gewirtz, former Raw creative head writer
and now employee of The Rock, to get through The People’s Champ. In his video, Rock said that there’s no beef with Taz and said he did not know he
had a daily radio show. “But clearly I know now,” he joked, since tons of fans hit him up after the issue blew on Twitter. The Rock said that
whether it’s Rock The Promo or Hump Day Promos, what they do is all about the fans and both have their fan’s best interest. “Taz, I want your show
to be super successful and you still owe me dinner you son of a bitch,” The Rock said, recounting a story on how he, Taz, and a bunch of others went to eat and Taz was the only one who didn’t pay. After the video played, Taz thanked The Rock saying he appreciated reaching out to him and it was very nice to take time to do the video. “Now this thing can go to sleep,” he said. He suggested that maybe one day, Taz can get his top 3 Hump Day Pormos guys to take on The Rock’s best 3 and do a little tournament.

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