7/8 ROH house show results – Baltimore, MD

Jul 9, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: Michael Specian and PWInsider

The following are the results from the Ring of Honor: Aftershock live event Friday evening 7/8 in Baltimore, Maryland. The crowd was about 500 large, and they were mostly energized for the entire night.

Kevin Kelly and Matt Taven on commentary.

War Machine def. Ali and St. Giovanni – This was the best kind of squash match. Hanson and Rowe looked like monsters and were both really over. This was a great way to kick off the show.

Jay White def. Lio Rush – This was so good. Jay White’s strong style meshed well with Lio Rush’s Ariel arsenal. Both sold amazingly well, and got great reactions from the crowd. Lio was super over since he is a product of the Maryland area. There were a bunch of great near falls but Jay pulled it out in the end. Jay gave respect to Lio after the match.

The Cabinet (ANX with “The Minister of Information” Caprice Coleman) def. Will Ferrara & Cheeseburger – The Cabinet did their spiel before the match and garnered a ton of heel heat. This was energetic and everyone worked really hard. After a fun match, ANX won with a powerbomb/blockbuster combination.

Bobby Fish def. Kamatachi (with Christopher Daniels) – This was fine. Daniels had a ton of interference in this striking, submission style match. Fish overcame the odds.

There was a marriage proposal during intermission. She said yes. There were streamers.

J Diesel Daddiago def. “Cauliflower” Chase Brown – This was a squash. It was there.

Mark Briscoe def. Chris Sabin, Donovan Dijak and Kazarian in a four-way match – This was a really good, fun contest. There was a fast pace, everyone got in some good spots and was made to look good. Sabin got busted open around his eye but fought on.

Christopher Daniels came to the ring and said that the result of the previous match should not stand because it was an unfair four-way. So too was Kamatachi’s loss for some reason. He claimed that all of them were undefeated. Moose came out.

Christopher Daniels def. Moose – This was an OK match, pretty much what you would expect. Daniels got the pin after using the middle ropes for leverage. Moose speared Daniels afterwards, but Kaz and Kamatachi jumped him. Alex Shelley and Jay White make the save. Moose gave a Japanese style bow to the audience, seemingly signaling his departure from the company. The audience gave him a very nice reaction.

Silas Young def. ACH in a Last Man Standing Match – These two brought the intensity and lots of stiff offense. They used chairs, guard rails, and even the ring crew. ACH superplexed Silas through a table. ACH couldn’t make it to his feet, but Silas rolled under the bottom rope and was able to stand just long enough to earn the win. Good match!

Colt Cabana, Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal def. Hangman Page, Nick Jackson and Adam Cole – Jay Lethal shaved his head! Cabana was super serious. Briscoe was himself and the Bullet Club were arrogant. The match started off as a melee, then turned into a traditional tag for the middle part. Lethal looked really good throughout. Then there was a fun superkick party as everything broke down. Cabana dropped Jackson on the top rope then threw him down for the pin.

Overall this was an enjoyable night of wrestling. Prior to the start of the main show, there was a Women of Honor card that was very well received. Taeler Hendrix and Veda Scott both picked up victories, as did Amber Gallows’ team in a 6-woman tag.

There were two highlights, however. Mandy Leon def. Hania the Huntress in a really good 2 out of 3 falls match. Huntress hit a Codebreaker, then Mandy got a pinning combination followed by a back and neck stretch submission. Mandy thanked the crowd for being one of the best she’s ever wrestled in front of, but Taeler Hendrix confronted both saying that she would bring a maniacal machine to face off against them.

The women’s main event was Kelly Klein (with BJ Whitmer) vs. Candice LeRae. Whitmer actually attacked Candice at a couple points and earned white hot heat. This match was excellent, a study of power versus technique. It featured a lot of really good counters. Klein hit a stunner from the apron through a table! Candice tapped out to a setting guillotine choke.

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