6/29/16 NXT Coverage

Jun 29, 2016 - by Michael Riba

We see the usual NXT opening video and then we go into the NXT Arena at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, and Corey Graves and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show. We see that Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura will have exclusive comments about their match, which takes place on NXT in two weeks. We also see that American Alpha return to NXT tonight.

Match #1: Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella
A stalemate begins the match after a tie up as the ladies circle around each other. They tie up again and exchange arm wrenches. Alexa gets Carmella in a headlock and then takes her down with a shoulder block. Alexa stomps Carmella’s face into the mat a few times and then turns to run, but Carmella trips her up. Alexa comes back with a quick roll-up, but Carmella kicks out and we are back to the stalemate. Carmella comes off the ropes and takes Alexa down with a hurricanrana and then a dropkick. Alexa rolls to the outside for a breather and Carmella taunts her from the ring. Alexa gets back into the ring, but Carmella catches her with a knee. Carmella takes Alexa down to the mat and applies a side-headlock. Alexa counters and wraps her legs around Carmella’s throat down on the mat. Carmella gets free and goes back to the headlock. Alexa gets to her feet and counters into her own headlock. Alexa goes for a hip-toss, but Carmella counters and takes Alexa down and applies another headlock. Alexa gets free sends Carmella to the ring apron and slams her down on it. Alexa works over Carmella’s arm as we head to a break.

During the break, we see a video promo for the Cruiserweight Classic, which will begin airing on the WWE Network on Wednesday, July 13th immediately after NXT. We also see a video promo for WWE 2K17 featuring Brock Lesnar.

Back from the break and Alexa is still working over Carmella’s arm. Carmella tries to fight back, but Alexa slams her down to the mat and works over the arm again. Alexa slams Carmella down to the mat and connects with the back-handspring double knees. Alexa goes for the cover, but Carmella kicks out. Alexa argues with the referee, and Carmella takes advantage with a left hand and an elbow shot. Carmella drops Alexa with some clotheslines and then a boot to the face. Carmella takes Alexa down with a hurricanrana and then delivers the Bronco Buster in the corner. Carmella charges again, but Alexa counters with a roll-up and Carmella kicks out. Alexa takes advantage and then goes up top. Carmella cuts her off and sends her down to the mat. Carmella goes for the cover, but Alexa kicks out. Alexas grabs Carmella around the throat and slams her down to the mat. Alexa goes up top and hits Twisted Bliss for the pin fall.
Winner: Alexa Bliss.
After the match, we see video highlights from the match and Alexa celebrates in the ring.

We see a video from two weeks ago when Shinsuke Nakamura challenged Finn Balor to a match, which Balor accepted. We see Nakamura’s comments about the match. He says they have known each other for over ten years and they are great friends. Nakamura says he supported Balor when Balor came to NXT and became an icon and the NXT Champion. Nakamura says when he came to NXT he wanted to face the best and before he becomes the champion, he has to face Finn Balor. He says the match is huge for him because Balor is one of his best friends and he knows Balor’s ability and it is exciting to get to face him.

We see that Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano will team up to fave The Hype Bros later tonight.

We go backstage with Cathy Kelley and Bayley. Bayley says it feels amazing to be back and she feels 100 percent. She says she is ready for her rematch with Asuka, and Alexa Bliss walks up. Alexa says Bayley doesn’t deserve another shot because she had her chance and blew it. Alexa says she just destroyed Bayley’s best friend. Alexa says if Bayley wants Asuka, she has to get through her.

Match #2: Noah Potjes vs. Andrade Cien Almas
Potjes takes Almas down and works his arm, but Almas fights his way back to his feet. Almas goes behind Potjes and then takes him down with a dropkick. Potjes rolls to the outside and gets takes down again by Almas. Almas runs to the ropes to dive to the outside, but Potjes moves and Almas poses in the ropes. Potjes gets back in the ring and connects Almas with some forearm shivers. Potjes beats Almas down and stomps away on him. Potjes goes for the cover, but Almas kicks out. Potjes applies a headlock down on the mat, but Almas gets to his feet. Almas connects with an elbow and sends Potjes into the top turnbuckle and takes him down with a dropkick. Almas sends Potjes down with a bulldog and then double-knees him in the face in the corner and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Andrade Cien Almas.
After the match, we see video highlights from the match and Almas celebrates his win in the ring.

We see that Finn Balor’s comments about his match against Shinsuke Nakamura will be coming up, but first we go backstage with Austin Aries. Aries says from the time he walked into NXT, the fans shoulf have felt privileged to see him wrestle. He says No Way Jose has not accomplished a fraction of what Aries has in his career. He says the fans suck for liking someone like No Way Jose. He says he is who he is and he will give them something to boo from now on.

Finn Balor says Shinsuke Nakamura was one of the first people that helped him adapt in Japan. He says Nakamura is one of his best friends and says he wasn’t sure if he’d see Nakamura again when he left Japan for NXT and was excited when he found out Nakamura was coming to NXT as well. He says he got to return the favor and help Nakamura adapt to NXT. He says they are at a crossroads and have faced each other before in Japan, but a lot has changed since then and this time is different. He says the fans are in for a real treat.

We see a shot of American Alpha arriving to the arena earlier today and then see Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano vs. The Hype Bros is next.

Back from the break, we see that Bayley will go one-on-one with Alexa Bliss next week.

Match #3: The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder) vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
Rawley and Gargano start the match for their teams. Gargano goes behind Rawley and then goes for a headlock, but Rawley powers out and tosses him across the ring. Gargano charges at Rawley, but Rawley takes him down with a shoulder block and tags in Ryder. Ryder takes Gargano down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Gargano kicks out. Gargano comes back and delivers a dropkick and tags in Ciampa. Ryder catches Ciampa with an uppercut, but Gargano kicks Ryder in the face and Ciampa takes him down to the mat with a neck-breaker. Ciampa applies a headlock down on the mat, but Ryder gets free and drops Ciampa with a face-buster. Rawley tags in, but gets sent to the floor by Rawley as Ryder stays in the ring. Ryder takes out Ciampa and Rawley takes out Gargano on the outside as we head to a break.
Back from the break and Rawley is in control of Gargano. Rawley applies a headlock down on the mat, but Gargano fights to his feet. Gargano kicks Rawley in the back of the head and Ryder and Ciampa tag in. Ciampa takes Ryder down with a big clothesline and then charges in the corner, but Ryder counters with double knees. Ryder tags in Rawley, who smashes Ciampa in the corner. Rawley takes Ciampa down with a big shoulder block and goes for the cover, but Gargano breaks it up. Rawley and Ryder go for the Hype Ryder, but Gargano pulls Rawley out o the ring and kicks him in the face. Ciampa takes Ryder down with a clothesline in the ring and goes for the cover, but Ryder kicks out at two. Ciampa takes Ryder to the corner and tags in Gargano. They go to double-suplex Ryder, but he double-powerbombs Ciampa and Gargano. Ryder his the Elbro Drop on Gargano, but Gargano kicks out at two. Ciampa takes Rawley down on the outside and Gargano rolls Ryder up, but Ryder kicks out. Ciampa tags in, but Ryder delivers a forearm to him. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot on Gargano, but Ciampa cuts him off and he and Gargano double-team Ryder in the ring and Ciampa gets the pin fall.
Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

After the match, we see match highlights and Gargano has a microphone. He says they beat The Revival a few weeks ago on NXT. He says he isn’t good with numbers, but he thinks that puts them in line for a title shot. American Alpha’s music hits, and Chad Gable and Jason Jordan make their way to the ring.
Gable says no offense, but Gargano and Ciampa aren’t next in line for anything. He says they lost their titles to The Revival and when and if Gargano and Ciampa get their title shot, it will be against American Alpha. Jordan says they will get their titles back and they will get their revenge against The Authors of Pain. He says they are going to remind The Revival that they are the alphas of NXT.
The Revival’s music hits and Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder make their way to the stage. Dawson says enough with the bickering and says he and Dash are manning the ship and calling the shots. He says neither of the teams in the ring are going to get what they want. Dash says Gargano and Ciampa are nothing but good hands and have done nothing to get a shot. Dash says it may be a part of their name, but Gable and Jordan are no longer the alphas, but more like the betas in NXT. He says they are the A Team and dictate the terms, and William Regal’s music hits and the NXT General Manager makes his way to the stage.
He says Dash and Dawson are getting ahead of themselves and he says he dictates the terms. He says Gargano and Ciampa are in line for a title match, but we need to find out who the dominant team is in NXT. Regal says The Revival will defend their titles against American Alpha next week in a Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match. Alpha and Gargano and Ciampa shake hands in the ring before Gargano and Ciampa leave the ring.
The Authors of Pain hit the ring and beat down American Apha, but Ciampa and Gargano rush the ring to help Gable and Jordan. The Authors lay waste to Ciampa and Gargano as well, but Jordan comes back and suplexes one of the Authors before the other drops him with a big clothesline. The Authors pick Jordan up and power him down to the mat and then do the same to Gable.
Paul Ellering comes to the stage and The Authors of Pain walk up the ramp and stand with him as NXT comes to a close.

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