Jun 28, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

UFC 181 - Duffee v Hamilton

– Speaking during the Colin Cowherd radio show earlier today, former WWE champion CM Punk said that he was flabbergasted that people were surprised when he left WWE as he always showed his intention to eventually leave. He explained how during his indie scene days, the old timers who had more experience than him told him that you get in, make a lot of money, and get out before things go sideways. He got out of WWE and now he’s in UFC and he plans to use the same mentality on his mixed martial arts career. Punk doesn’t know how long he will last in the UFC but for now he’s ready to prove everyone wrong. He can’t do much to stop those who have been saying that he will never step foot in the Octagon until he actually steps inside the cage. He said that he gets knocked down in training day in day out so come fight day he won’t get knocked down. Punk also mentioned that it’s not far fetched that if he wins three or four fights he gets a title shot. But for now it’s all about getting that first fight under his belt, a fight which will take place on September 10 at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio against Mickey Gall.

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