Video: Kelly Kelly talks Vince McMahon, CM Punk, Test, WAGS, and more

Jun 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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WAGS star Barbie Blank, formally known as WWE’s Kelly Kelly, spent more than an hour on “The Tomorrow Show” with Keven Undergaro talking about her life and career.

Some highlights include:

Barbie is staying out of the Drama Season 2 of WAGS

“You’ll see in season 2 we’re, we actually become really good friends…everyone kind of does a 360.”

“This season I’m, It’s all about my wedding. I don’t get involved in the drama which you’ll see me just be like ugh I can’t deal. This is stupid…My wedding’s not until episode 6… I do get in some bantering, um but I try to, I try to control myself.

Barbie dishes on Vince McMahon teaching her to dance when she was 19 and new to the WWE.

“My first day, Vince was like okay this is what you’re gonna do. You know, then he had this like chair set up and he was like okay you’re gonna you know use this chair and he kinda like showed me the dance. And he like took his jacket off and kind of swung it around and I’m standing there like 19 years old. Yeah I used to watch this man when I was like 12. I like loved him and I’m watching him show me how to dance…he was good, he was really good!”

Barbie’s husband, former NHL player Sheldon Souray, lost a bet to CM Punk and had to get his symbol tattooed on his shoulder.

“Shel is really good friends with CM Punk and he lost a bet to Punk and he had to get his symbol tattooed, so my husband has a CMPunk symbol.”

If approached, Barbie might want to come back and wrestle an event, especially if it crossed over with WAGS.

“I always say never say never, um I would I would definitely be open to doing like a one time thing, like a summer slam or mania or you know something fun…I would wait for them to approach me and I would want to do like a crossover with WAGS and Total, because we’re on the same network and we were airing after them too um so that would have been a perfect crossover”

Barbie doesn’t like some of the moves the WWE has made involving women, including not giving the audience a female to root for.

“They’re putting a lot more focus on the women too, but I feel like they’re shying away from the era of what I was, of the models…I don’t really feel like there’s a fan favorite girl right now. And I don’t feel like there really has been..sorry I probably am speaking out of turn..but like AJ was a fav, and you know what I mean, now, right now, I don’t feel like there’s somebody that the crowd can get behind.”

Right before Barbies x-boyfriend, WWE wrestler Test, passed away the two spoke about potentially getting back together. In addition, Barbie was the first to learn of Test’s passing and had to inform the rest of the WWE.

“I saw him up until the week before and yeah it was rough…And that was about 7 years ago now…He was healthy he was doing better…we were talking about like future and I was like you know we’ll see what happens down down the line and I was like I’ll always love you, I’ll always love you…I was like I still don’t know what I want to do, like you know, you need to work on yourself, I need to grow up a little more, but you never know, down the line.

“The police called me before they called his family…they were like we can’t tell you much, but you know we have Andrew here and I just immediately I knew. And I was backstage, I just had a match…I was like the one to tell.”

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