NXT Results 6/22/16 (Shinsuke Nakamura in Action)

Jun 22, 2016 - by Atlee Greene

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– NXT Results 6/22/16 –  Full Sail University

The show opened with a video package recapping last week’s in ring confrontation where Shinsuke Nakamura challenged Finn Balor.


– “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs.  Oney Lorcan:

Dillinger flashed the perfect 10 sign and Oney returned the favor, which did not please the crowd. Oney shook off a roll up attempt from Dillinger and drilled him with a running European uppercut. Dillinger blindsided Oney with a knee to the back that sent him into the corner.

Oney came back with a clothesline, fired up, hit two running elbows in the corner but got caught with a superkick on his way in for a third. Dillinger got distracted by the audience counting along with his punches in the corner, Oney saw the opening, pushed him off and hit a running neck breaker for the upset win.

Winner:  Oney Lorcan


– What’s next for Austin Aries?

Aries was interviewed and said despite his loss to Nakamura at Takeover, the mission is still on to prove he is the greatest of all-time. He compared himself to Muhammad Ali saying, that even he lost a couple of times.

Enter No Way Jose, who said he learned a lot from watching Aries at Takeover and perhaps Aries could learn something from him in terms of staying positive. “When life tells you no, just say, no way” Jose stated as he danced out of the shot as Aires stood on in silence.


– Bayley Back in Action!

Bayley, standing outside of Full Sail, announces that William Regal gave her the news she has been waiting to hear for a long time, and that she is back in action, tonight.


– No Way Jose vs. Josh Woods:

Jose hit Woods with a very high hip toss. Woods didn’t like that and pulled Jose down to the canvas by tugging on that beautiful Afro, got full mount, and unloaded with elbows, which falls in line with his legit MMA background.

Jose powered out of a modified rear chinlock and came back with an atomic drop and an overhand right hand that dropped Woods. Woods sealed the deal with a spinning full nelson slam for the win.

Winner: No Way Jose

Austin Aries came to the ring and told Jose that in this business, you’re not defined by your victories but by your defeats. Aires said he wasn’t 100% against Nakamura but a real man doesn’t make excuses.

Aries called back to the earlier interview and said he did learn something from Jose. It was a reminder that NXT is all about fun. Jose is very happy to hear this, Aries thanks him for the reminder, extended his hand, and Jose shook it without incident.

Jose’s music hits, Aries goes to leave, Jose convinces him to stay. He wants Austin Aries to dance with him. It takes some convincing, but Aries lets loose and started dancing with a big smile on his face.

Damn, Aries can bust a move!

Aries and Jose leave the ring, dance all the way over to Graves and Phillips. The new dancing duo danced on the commentary table, but Aries blinded sided Jose with a spinning elbow that knocked him off the table.

Jose is the victim of an all-out assault. Aries beat him from pillar to post as the crowd chanted “Austin Aries, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.” Aries applied the Last Chancery on the ramp, referees broke it up, and Aries left with an even bigger smile on his face than before.


– Nakamura visits the GM

William Regal informs Shinsuke Nakamura that since he and Finn Balor want the match, he made it official, and it will take place in three weeks. Buddy Murphy interrupts the meeting and says that Regal is not treating him like the top star that he is since he is the only one in the room to hold a title in NXT.

Regal reminded Murphy that he granted his request to be a singles wrestler in NXT. Murphy says that’s not good enough and wants more. Nakamura rises out of his chair and said he will honor Murphy’s request, tonight. Nakamura leaves, Regal looks at Murphy and told him to be careful what he wishes for.


– Bayley vs. Deonna Purrazzo

This match was simply a showcase to highlight Bayley’s return. Bayley got the better end of the chain wrestling exchanges and Purrazzo hit a clothesline and a Russian leg sweep. Bayley came back with a back elbow off the second rope and hit the Bayley to Belly for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bayley


– Carmella is interviewed about her prospects of getting a women’s title shot. Alexa Bliss walks in and says that Carmella is nothing without Enzo and Big Cass. Carmella says Alexa is jealous because her boys are doing big things while Blake and Murphy are pathetic.

This upset Alexa who said that she is the one who left her guys because she is the star who made Blake and Murphy. Alexa reminds Carmella that it was her that got pinned by Nia Jax in the triple threat match. Carmella says the championship will be hers and won’t let Alexa get in her way.


– A lengthy recap of Asuka vs. Nia Jax from Takeover was shown.

– Authors of Pain video package.

– American Alpha returns next week.

– Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss was announced for next week.


– Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan

The referee prevented Nia from attacking Morgan before the bell. He really should have let her because Nia had her way with Morgan. The theme of the match was that Nia is angry due to her loss at Takeover, and Morgan drew the short straw. Nia applied a cobra clutch, Morgan escaped and attempted a monkey flip…. Okay. Nia floored Morgan with a clothesline and delivered a crushing power bomb for the finish.

Winner: Nia Jax


– Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy threw a leg kick, Nakamura checked it and thew a leg kick of his own that landed and stunned Murphy. Murphy wrenched Nakamura’s arm off the referee’s break. Nakamura spun out and applied a side headlock, but Murphy pulled the hair to escape.

Nakamura taunted Murphy and caught him coming in with a knee to the midsection. Nakamura took him over with a snap mare and landed a jumping knee drop. Nakamura sent Murphy into the corner for some good vibrations.  Nakamura went for a third good vibration, but Murphy tripped him into the corner on the way in.

Murphy landed a couple of punches, attempted a vertical suplex, but Nakamura landed a knee to the head and dropped him with a forearm. Nakamura began to kick Murphy at will, propped him on the top turnbuckle and hit the running knee strike in the corner. Nakamura threw Murphy with a reverse exploder suplex and hit the Kinshasa to end the evening.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Quick Results:

Oney Lorcan defeated Tye Dillinger

No Way Jose pinned Josh Woods

Bayley over Deonna Purrazo

Nia Jax defeated Liv Morgan

Shinsuke Nakamura beat Buddy Murphy

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